6 Stylish Ways to flaunt your Dupatta!!

It happens with almost every girl that we have to throw away our faded salwar suit but we tend to keep the pretty dupatta as it is in a good shape. So you tend to pile up the dupattas in the closet. Well, we are here with this blog to tell you different ways to style your dupattas that will instantly quirk up your outfits and make you head turner.

1. Wrapped
The first style we shall talk about is wrapped. It hardly takes 5 minutes to get this style bang on. All you’ve to do is to wrap your strapless dress or halter top with a classy dupatta of a solid color.
2. Knotted
Knotted stoles and dupattas look chic. You can easily convert any plain-looking top into a quirky outfit with this style of knotting your dupatta. For flaunting this style, pick printed, heavy or solid colored fabric for this one.
3. Looped
This is too simple and completely hassle free. If your dupatta is tad long or you’re getting ready in a jiffy, simply style it like your scarf and it will still look trendy.
5. Shortened
If your dupatta is too long, this style is just for you. Simply tie a knot on each side and use it the way you want. You can even go for two or three knots, depending on the length you want.
6. Twisted
Own a dual-toned or a tie and dye dupatta? Yay! Just twist it and tie the ends behind and pin-up near the shoulders. There you have the perfect look for your brunch with your friends.

These were some ways in which you can put your old dupattas to good use. If you’ve any ideas apart from these, feel free to tell us about them.

Until then, stay stylish everyone!


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