5 Must haves to be in sync with the Monochrome Trend!!

Monochrome fashion is moving forward! Patterns and geometric blocks have inspired the likes of big celebrities to add couture and cool design to a perennial favorite.

Pure monochrome chic is a big hit this fall. Though the trend is nothing new, but black and white is everywhere making a visually stimulating impact for S/S 15.

In large prints, gingham checks, color-blocking and fabric mixes, this classic color combination is a must for this season.

Black and white is probably the most classic color combination and the effect of these two contrasting colors together is striking.  The look is modern, cool, and assertive.

Monochromes are the perfect prints that flatter every body type. So everyone can flaunt this trend with panache and confidence without being apprehensive whether or not they can pull it off. Monochrome is one trend which is completely hassle free, all you need are good shades of black and white that complement each other and you are good to go and become the talk of the town.


Here we are with a list of 5 must haves that will help you rock the monochrome trend to the T.

  1. Kurti: Yes, monochrome kurtis aren’t new but we forget the most important wardrobe staples. Suits and kurtis with comfortable flowy fabric which complements every woman was the motive of our collection. Even a black kurti with embroidery can stand up to the monochrome trend if you don’t own a black and white one.
  2. Blazer: Blazer is the thing for winter. Comfortable, cozy and warm yet very chic and fashionable. This is one monochrome piece which every fashionista should own. Monochrome blazers with pants or jeans can easily help you attain the perfect monochrome look without many efforts.
  3. Scarf: A monochrome scarf does wonders to an otherwise dull outfit. It can be adorned with a bright colored tops or shirts as well. You can style it in any way you want (in case you haven’t read our blog about 10 ways to style your scarf, here’s the link) and be ready to rock the evening. Monochrome scarf can add class to your dress and give you a boost. A scarf always comes in handy when you are low on accessories
  4. Belts: Big chunky monochrome belts enhance an outfit more than you think. It can be paired with a kurti/shirt/top of any color and shape and trust us on that, it won’t let you down.
  5. Fedora: A hat is a must have for winter and a black hat not only makes you look graceful but also adds class and makes you look like a million dollars. A fedora helps you when you have a bad hair day. Pair it with a white shirt and faux leather jeans and you’re all set to score high on that monochrome trend.

These were some must haves from our side, don’t forget to tell us how you are flaunting the monochrome trend this season. Monochrome season isn’t just limited to winters only and therefore can be adorned all year round.


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