Bhairav to the Rescue: Tips for wearing Ethnics to Work

Well, if you are head over heels in love with fashion and can’t get enough of wearing ethnic, you have landed at the right place. Ethnic wear is great and very comfortable to wear even to offices, we are sure you would agree with us. Our love for all fashion has taught us a valuable lesson and that is passion for fashion is a blessing as well as a curse at the same time because every Monday begins with us ransacking our wardrobe! What to wear, is it too gawdy, is it too simple, are just some of the questions that occupy of our heads.

Look no further! Just take a deep breath and let us help you put creative fashion minds to work.

Today we have made a list of 5 ethnic outfits from different Bhairav Embro Designs Collections that will definitely turn your week around and make you the talk of the town in your office!

  1. The first suit is from Bhairav Embro Designs Kalakriti Collection. We aren’t sure about you but we definitely love this garment. The black and red combination is too stylish! This particular suit is sassy and uber-fashionable. Wearing this on Monday would definitely make your week awesome!pic 1
  2. The second suit is again Bhairav Embro Designs Santorini Delight Collection. Blue is one color that is considered safe and this suit being in the darker shade is a safe choice for Monday. The pant style suit is great for meeting with clients and for running errands. The floral prints  on the kurta makes it quite edgy. This is the go to outfit when you are confused as to what to wear to office.3
  3. Pink is one color which is loved by almost all the girls, hence scoring big on the fashion radar. That’s why we chose the pink suit from the Bhairav Embro Designs: Kalakriti Collection which is perfect for office. The print of the suit isn’t gaudy infact it is very subtle yet stylish. The different prints on the kurti, pant and dupatta makes it high on style and a top pick for office on ethnic day!pic
  4. Bill Blass said “When in doubt, wear red” and we couldn’t agree more with him. Red is a bright color that can brighten up your day when you are feeling low. This impeccable dark red suit from the Bhairav Embro Designs Floral Passion Collection is perfect for the dreaded Monday. It will give you that much needed boost and you will be all set to shine in the office.pic

These were our top 4 picks for you when you want to ditch the casual shirts & trousers and adorn the stylish ethnic wear to office. We truly believe that ethnic wear brings out the feminine side of a woman and ethnic wear is very comfortable and stylish


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