5 Ways to Jazz up your outfits for The New Year Parties!!

Dressing up and getting all the attention is what most girls aspire for. New Year’s eve is the time of the year when one gets to stroll around in the open air with worrying about perspiration, excursions to various fairs/exhibitions, smoky barbeques and fun-filled picnics, eat to your heart’s content and most of all the sheer enjoyment of dressing up in almost anything, any texture and any color.

We agree that New Year does limit our choice of attires hence it gets difficult to wear some really beautiful outfits! We have heard that we can’t jazz up the ethnic attires with winter wear but we say you can. Yes, you read that right! If styled correctly, you can re-vamp any ethnic apparel with the right winter clothes.

  1. Sweater: Wear a well-fitting sweater in a solid color that can be tucked inside your saree petticoat and will drive away the cold as well as make you look fabulous. Even try a polo-neck sweater in black accessorize with chunky jewelry. You can do the same with a lehenga and swap the blouse for a fitted sweater. This isn’t just fashionable but good for the weather too! You can also try wearing a nice long sweater with dhoti pants or a patiala salwar. To stay extra warm, go for a pair of leggings beneath the pants.
  2. Leggings: A pair of leggings with a saree is one trend that has been doing the round since a really long time. A lot of actresses have rocked this look and many girls are following suit. This is one look which is easy to pull off, just drape your saree in a style where your pants are visible. This gives a fusion look and will make heads turn any day. Pair with pumps instead of usual sandals, so that feet are tucked away in your shoes. You will definitely be the most stylish one in the gathering.
  3. Scarves: Rolling a scarf around your neck is one style statement that has been tried and tested for a long time. But have you ever thought about sporting a scarf with a saree? Well, you don’t have to actually wear the scarf but wear the pall of your saree around your neck like a scarf. You can also try this look with suits too. Wear the dupatta rolled around your neck for a stylish look. Opt for a thicker fabric to stay warm without compromising on your style quotient.
  4. Belts: Belts are one accessory that can take an outfit notches higher without much hassle. Wearing a belt with a suit or saree is something that hasn’t been experimented with much. So why not try it now? Thin belts can be worn too, but we’re trying to make a thick belt keep your midriff warm and at the same time make your outfit very chic. Thick mini corset-like belts give the Indian outfit a fusion and are always a great alternative to the same old look every time. Just make sure to wear the saree in a fashionable but unconventional way.bloh
  5. Jackets: You can wear the jacket over the traditional saree and give it a twist. Sonam Kapoor tries this look at Cannes and took away the glory! Let us explain you how it can be done. Wear your a waist length jacket with your saree, lehenga that has some ethnic touch, if it’s a simple one, you can glue some buttons or mirrors to it. We don’t mean denim or a leather jacket but something more feminine. If you own a Gujarati jacket or waist coat, then there’s nothing better than that. The whole outfit will literally make heads turn and keep you warm too.blog

So the next time when you get an invite to a New Year Party, you would know what exactly you are going to wear to assure your position as the most fashionable girl in the party. Hope the ideas prove helpful to you and when you walk into that get together, you walk in with flair and panache.


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